DotInDots is an independent, services based organisation, focused on de-mystifying the use of smart cards so clients can deploy pragmatic business and technical smart card solutions in the Asia Pacific region

"Understanding smart cards has unfortunately been somewhat like unlocking the secrets of the Universe! Few people understand the issues, and even fewer have been able to explain them simply!!" (Graeme Freedman, Principle, DotInDots).

"Anyone who truly understands something can explain it simply"  (Albert Einstein, Physicist.).

Smart card questions that DotInDots can help you answer:

What are the key elements that will likely determine success or failure of my smart card business case?  
Where should I focus to minimise risk?
What are the likely fixed & variable costs, and revenue returns from an implementation?
What are the options I should consider?
The banking industry and anti-trust regulators are looking to change the way banks operate.  How is this going to effect their card offerings, and will it generate opportunity I can leverage?
What methodologies should I use to build the business case?
What are the strategic alliances of all the different vendors I might consider?  Which ones can I best leverage?
Should I own the cards?  What does "ownership" imply?
What marketing "tricks of the trade" could I use?
What conditions is Government likely to place on my business case? 
What are the privacy implications?  
Who owns/controls the business case?
How can I work with a bank?
What impact are Amex, Visa and MasterCard going to have?
Should I work with a bank? Which one?

These, and a universe of other questions can be answered with the assistance of DotInDots, give us a call.

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